Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Credits System : Explained

Credit hours. Credit points. Credits. Credits. Credits. What in the world are these things we keep hearing about?!
For some of you guys who studied in the Indian or Arabic Schools(like me), these words might not really be familiar. But worry not Dearie, I am here to help explain these foreign words to you.
The credit system differs from country to country and college to college. In general, it could be the hours spent in a class, the points gained by submitting assignments or the points awarded in tests or exams.
The completion of a pre-set number of credit hours or points validate a student's graduation in some colleges along with the final passing marks of exams.


In my college, credit points are offered every semester on the completion of one subject or class. Supposing an English language class holds 3 credit points and is scheduled for two hours every week for four months. On the completion of this class, the student gains 3 credit points at the end of the semester.
These credit points are assigned to the classes each person takes and furthermore these classes are divided based on the major requirements, college requirements and the general requirements.
For example, for my major you need 146 credit points to get your Sharia bachelor's degree.
These 146 credit points are divided as
  1. General University requirements (24 Credits) : these are subjects that every student of every Major has to take such as Arabic, English etc.
    1. Mandatory = 15 credit points
There are seven subjects provided with 3 credit points each from which you can choose any 5 to gain the mandatory points
  1. Electives / optionals = 9 credit points : You are provided with a list of subects from which you can choose what you want.
There are eight subjects provided with 3 credit points each from which you can choose any 3 to gain the mandatory points
  1. College requirements (64 credit points) : These are subjects related to a respective college like the College of Arts, College of Engineering and Petroleum or the College of Sharia
    1. Mandatory = 64 credit points
In my College, all the 24 classes provided here are mandatory. There are 4 classes with only 1 credit each and 20 classes with 3 credits each
  1. Major Requirements (54 credit points) : These subjects correspond to your specific major.
    1. Mandatory = 30 credit points
In this section I have 10 subjects with 3 credit points each which make all classes mandatory
  1. Electives/ Optional = 24 credit points
    1. Group one = 12 credit points
    2. Group two = 12 credit points


In some other colleges, Credit points could be offered when you submit an assignment.
For Example, in one semester your professor assigns you two assignments in your Biology Class with the following points :

  • Research on the Anatomy of the Human Body - 5 Credits
  • Research on the Cells of an onion skin - 3 credits
Now, you will be awarded these points on the timely submission of these assignments.


While in some other colleges you might receive credit points based on the marks or grades you get in a test or quiz either at the end of semester or during the semester.

So in a nutshell, some colleges offer credit points on the completion of set number or classes per semester, while some credit points could be offered based on the marks you gain per assignment or test while other colleges offer credit points based on the hours you sit in each class or the corresponding  or equivalent hours of home study or home work.

Each college is different but the concept is the same, credits are points offered on the completion of a provided task.

If you have any more questions regarding credit points , you can ask me anytime!

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  4. Alhamdulillah! This is really great! Im applying for college this year and I had no clue about what the credits system was! It really helped!

    1. Alhamdulillaah, I am so glad this has helped you. My aim is to make things easier for you.
      Please let me know if you have any questions, I would love to help.

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