Wednesday, May 10, 2017

My Favorite College Apps

Ahoy mates,  
How are you all feeling today? 
In today's busy, busy world, the only thing we actually have time for is our phone. 
And with the advancement technology has made, every single thing is easily available on the small box that we have stuck to our hands. 
Since it makes our life so easy why not also make our college life easy? 
Trust me when I say that there are loads of apps that could help you in finishing your homework, getting organized, productive and help you survive. 
It's basically just a free virtual assistant. 
So here are some of my favorite, free apps that'll help you get your life together. 

  1. Alarmy - Sleep if you can!-  With a tagline like that, it's easy to understand why Alarmy won the award for being the 'world's most annoying alarm'. 
It has got many different ways of waking you up- and making sure you stay up- such as solving a math question, taking a picture similar to the one you took earlier, shaking the phone a number of times and the default feature where you just swipe to dismiss the alarm. 
I've been using this app for a long time and trust me it's perfect for when you have early morning classes that you don't want to get up for but have to. 

  1. Sworkit! - So, how many years have passed with us making new resolutions to stay fit and exercise every day? But in the end, after a day or two, we switch back to our very yummy burgers and lounging lazily on the couch. If you are one to avoid  the gym (simply because you are lazy to go), this app is perfect for you. It has many equipment-less exercises and timed circuits that you can do right in your dorm room – on the couch – no gym required! So, sorry mate, now you've got no excuse to NOT exercise. 
BONUS: it also syncs to your Google Fit account to keep track of your progress! 

  1. OneNote - If you are crazy about organizing and having everything sorted into its own category, this app is for you. It allows you to make notebooks, have sections in those notebooks and also insert pages into those sections. Isn't that amazing?! Perfect for taking notes, making lists, planning projects; basically everything. You can color-code your notes, pages and sections; highlight important stuff; share notes and collaborate on group projects; and also access it anywhere- phone, computer, iPad, tab wherever!. 
It also allows you to search your notes, convert text from images into text, and save documents inside your notes. 

  1. Talabat – This app is for those times when your stomach starts growling in the middle of the class or you have a sudden craving to eat a specific food. Order from thousands of restaurants easily with just a few clicks. It will also suggest restaurants close to your area and based on your previous orders. Easy, simple and effective. 

  1. Duolingo -  Want to learn a new language? This is the app for you if you're taking a foreign language class or want to learn a new language just because you can . Its easy to use and very interactive. With its preset classes and tests, its very fun and addictive. 

  1. Google Fit - Reach your fitness goals. Set goals based on steps, time, distance, calories burned. Receive personalized recommendations and coaching for activity goals. If you're like me, a person who love to keep track of every activity then this app is perfect for you. It also syncs with Sworkit to record your progress and calories. Effortlessly track any activity. As you walk, run, or cycle throughout the day, your phone or Android Wear watch automatically logs them with Google Fit. 

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  1. Almaany – This is the best app if you are living in an Arab country or are learning Arabic. We all know the disastrous translations of Google translate. Almaany gives many meanings for the same word, and many forms of the same word. It is basically like an online dictionary, just compact and better. 

  1. Google Drive : One of the best collaboration tools, which is often used in working for group projects and assignments or to facilitate communication in study groups. But it can also be used for organizing your study. Store your folders and important documents online to access it anytime and anywhere. Easy access and easy editing. 

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  1. Flat Tomato : This is my favorite app to use for the Pomodoro method. Pomodoro method is a productivity trick to help you stay organized and productive where you work for 25 mins and then take a break of 5 minutes and then after every 4 Pomodoro sessions you take a long break. It is easy to use, and is perfectly-aligned with Pomodoro, including timing the intervals, the breaks, and remembering that you've done 4 cycles so you need a longer break. It also tracks user-defined categories so you can review how you've spent your time (in an attractive, graphical chart). It also shows the status of the current interval on the lock screen. 

10. Google Keep : Google Keep is a syncing notepad that connects to Google Drive. It also supports photo notes, voice notes, and checklists. it lets you quickly take and save those notes, photos, voice memos, and checklists to Google Drive, and then access them again on any other web-connected device you use. It's ideal for quick note-taking on the go, anyone who appreciates simple, fast note-taking tools or to-do apps, or for saving notes on the desktop that you know you'll need on your Android phone, like shopping lists, addresses, phone numbers, checklists and to-do lists, or conference call codes. Perfect for college students as we have loads of things going on at once and its hard to remember them all. 

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I hope these apps are as useful to you as they were to me! 
Do you have any favorite apps that make your life a bit more easier? 
Have you used any of these apps? What do you think? 
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    1. You're absolutely welcome Luna.
      I am so glad that you like my content. I hope you stick around!

  2. I really like the sound of flat tomato. I can sometimes struggle with productivity and having something force me to take a break in order to be more creative is such a great idea!

    1. Yes, Exactly. I've been struggling with productivity too and this app has really helped me alot. You should definitely check it out!

  3. I LOVE Duolingo! I use it every day to brush up on my Spanish as well as learn German. 10 out of 10 would recommend!

    1. I am learning French through Duolingo and its been an amazing experience.
      I should start Spanish soon :)

  4. Lol those apps look great I love the alarm one and the workout ones. Wow they have so man available now!

    1. yes, there are so many available but these are the ones that I love,
      The Alarmy app is definitely the best

  5. Wow! There are apps now for literally everything. I love the alarmy one as I'm a dead head in the mornings. The duolingo app I didn't know about but as I want to learn french this would be ideal.

    1. I am learning French with Duolingo too!
      It's really helpful.

  6. Apps are awesome and very useful. I can imagine how easier life will be when you're in college if you have apps like this to turn to.

  7. Yes definitely! It makes my life so much easier ❤️

  8. No. 5 app is so ideal for me 'Duolingo', i better check it out soon. I was thinking to learn a new language and correctly i see your post! Thanks :)

    1. Yes it's an amazing app. You should definitely try it out!

  9. I couldn't have made it through college without OneNote! Definitely one of my must-haves. And, bonus, it's been really helpful now that I'm working full-time, too. Having a cloud-synced notebook that I can access at home, in the office, or anywhere (through my phone) is essential to me!

    1. That's great to know!
      Onenote is definitely me fav of all apps. I love its organisation system.

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