Sunday, February 25, 2018

Why do we Love Kuwait? - #HalaFeb 2018

Why do we love Kuwait? An appreciation post for all that Kuwait has done for us for the occasion of National and Liberation day of Kuwait. #Halafeb

Ahoy Mates!
Hope you are having a great day.
The weather in Kuwait has been great for the past few days - have you been going out?

As we all know today and tomorrow Kuwait will be celebrating its National and Liberation day.
Kuwait hosts a lot of expats from different countries.
 It’s a second home for most and very dear to everyone's hearts.

On this occasion, I believe it's important for us to remember our blessings and all the good things that Kuwait has done for us and appreciate it for that.
We keep complaining about how strict the rules have become and how much harder life is getting in Kuwait but we forget the good things.
So let's take this chance to remember all the good things we have.

Here is a list of why people love Kuwait and what they appreciate most about it -

I love Kuwait for the food - Bushra @gulsartistry

Kuwait's motorway system and its first class road techniques - Muhtasim @keepitreal.png

I love Kuwait. I consider it my first home and then Pakistan my second home even though I am a Pakistani. Kuwait has given me my friends which I'm blessed for ad Hala Feb is my favourite holiday. Blessed to be born and brought up in Kuwait - Fathma @fathma_96

The good technology.
The fact that it’s a small country and everything is within reach and the fact that it’s a Muslim country  - Hishma @hishma_r

I love Kuwait because it’s my birthplace. I love its food, it’s beaches, entertainment city and during Ramadan. I love it because of my friends. There are so many Islamic classes and lectures held here. It’s my home, my country. Even though I don’t have its nationality I still love this country. - Nada

Here’s a list of why I love Kuwait -
1.        Falafel sandwich
2.        Kebabs in Mubarakiyah
3.        Old Souq
4.        Agencies when there’s a sale
5.        Marina waves
6.        The farmhouses and chalets
7.        Freedom and safety for Muslims to practice their religion
As long as Kuwait has falafel, no one will die out of hunger in here - Tamanna

I love everything about Kuwait. Ots a peaceful country as compared to others. No hassle. They respect women. And even the economy is reasonable better than other middle east countries. - Yussra Asif Yash

I love Kuwait because it is the place where I spent my whole life from childhood. It is a very peaceful place. - Rida Amna

I love the nature and the weather of Kuwait and how clean they keep it- Farheen

I love how safe Kuwait is. It might not be the safest place on earth but it’s safe enough that I can get out of my house without any fear- Maysoon

The Barkah/blessing in the Kuwaiti Dinar cant be felt in any other currency of the world due to the lack of corruption in Kuwait - Bilal

I love the food in Kuwait and the fact that they have water coolers everywhere (ماء السبيل) on the streets - Sumaiya @sem_jfk

I love the roads of Kuwait - Sidra

Kuwait has blessed me with caring friends - Lana @soaprise

I love Kuwait for the beautiful universities and colleges it has - Mohammed

Everywhere you go in Kuwait you get to see amazing and classy cars and I am huge fan of cars - Fredrick

I love Kuwait for the freedom it provides and that I can visit a lot of places easily - Ahmed

For me, Kuwait is my home. I might be an expat here and I might not have been born here but for as long as I can remember this has been my home. we've also been living in the same area for around 20 years. Kuwait has provided so many opportunities for me. One of the things I will always be grateful for is the scholarship I was offered at Kuwait University. I do not know of any other Arab country that offers a complete scholarship like Kuwait does. I love how freely I can travel any and everywhere and almost at any time because of how safe I feel. I love how much freedom I have to do my own thing - to practice my own religion without any restrictions. My own country doesn’t provide me as much freedom as Kuwait does. I love the respect women are given here. I found my best friends here. I love how Kuwait does not get involved in any political disputes. I love the peace this country provides. There's not one thing I do not love about this country.
May keep this country blessed and maintain its peace.

Disclaimer - all these views are not mine except when mentioned. Each person is responsible for their own opinions.

So that's it for today, guys!
Long live Kuwait and May Allah bless this country and maintain its peace.

What is something YOU love about Kuwait?
Let me know in the comments below! 

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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Guest Post 1 - Devices for College Students

Ahoy Mates!
How are you all doing this fine day?
I have some exciting news for y'all!
I have decided to take on board a few more members on this ship with us - which means GUEST BLOGGING!
Yes, you heard that right.
I am planning to start a new Series on the blog - Guest Blogging.
Every month Ahoy College will feature a new blogger who will share with us some of their tips, tricks and experiences.
I am a firm believer in learning from others so my aim in starting this series is for us to learn from everyone and everything.
To start off this series I present to you the first post -
Top Devices for College Students by Hanan Thakur!
Without further ado, here's what Hanan has to say:

Lately, things have changed. When earlier in high school and college, all that was really needed was a school bag, calculator, notebook, pen, and sometimes a ruler and of course a mobile phone for nothing but to play some games and answer mom's calls.
Nowadays, it’s a whole new level when it comes to school days. We Students don’t need such odd things that  have been used for years, we need something better than that. Earlier  If the students would have an option to get high-end devices to help simplify  studying, then they  would do the same as well!
Well, in a market full of devices, mobile phones, tablet, PCs and more, how to know which device could really help a College student?!
After digging deep inside this issue, here are a list of device recommendations that could help save your time as a student.

  1. Tablet
Tablets are very useful and essential as they are very handy , with its big screen and lots of possibilities. They seem like the perfect choice to help browse the web for reading books, listening to lectures and going through student material and researches that will absolutely help us in different ways efficiently. And the cheapest tablet that we can get with good quality are: Apple Mini iPad , the Kindle. Also Amazon Fire HD 8 and Amazon Fire 7 are on the top list.

When its related to college or high school , we need something to type all those term papers on. A basic laptop doesn’t have to be really heavy or expensive. You can go for cheap one with a good features  like: Acer Aspire M5-481PT, or Samsung Chromebook, .  These devices are helpful for creating and editing documents, presentations and working on projects.

Many professors and teachers still prefer a hard copy. That’s why it is essential to have a printer to make it easy to print assignments or designs and I personally prefer notes when it comes to learning for exams. And there are many choices for good printers so I use the HP Deskjet 3630. Small, affordable and smartly designed.

4. Portable Phone Charger
No matter how good the battery life is, we always run out of charge in our Phones/Tablets/Laptops in our long and hectic school or college days, so consider buying a portable phone charger or phone case with built-in charger. It will help!  Thank me later :p

5. Headphones
Wearing headphones is the official sign for DO NOT DISTURB .  You can opt for the noise cancelling headphones. It’s really effective to help to study in noisy or crowded places.

Can you imagine living without the internet? No right?!! We don’t always have access to the  internet  in cafes or libraries, so portable mini routers solve this problem, we can use 
our own Wi-Fi, the small portable network connection easily and of course it’s easy to carry.

7. Extra Hard Drive
It’s not essential, but just in case the hard drive of your laptop fails, all the research, papers and notes will be gone. So, it would be better to have an extra hard drive and backup the laptop from time to time.

8. USB
Well, this is essential! No one today can deal without a USB flash drive, it helps in transferring files without a need for a network connection. When it comes to us students, it’s helps in transferring files no matter what’s the size is because there are many choices for the storage.

9- Pocket Projector
Well this is more university oriented so students like me might need it in their presentations, it can easily hook up to mobile phone or laptops and present what they want on a larger screen.
So the above listed devices may not be essential for every student. It depends on your study and your major. But I can be very sure these devices make our work for college/ uni life much more faster and easier than the usual.
I hope this helps all the college students like me .

This Post was written by Hanan Ali Thakur.
Hanan was born and brought up in Kuwait and is currently studying 
Bachelors of Commerce in Kuwait.
She loves travelling and considers herself a complete foodie.
She runs a lifestyle blog on Instagram which is all about food recommendations,
 places to visit, outfit ideas and other social issues people deal with.
You can connect with her on her social media :
Or email her to have a conversation about any and everything -

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Public Transport - Pros and Cons

Ahoy Mates!
How are you all?
In relation to the previous post, this time I'm going to talk about public transportation.
Here in Kuwait, public transportation isn't really a stranger to anyone.
But there's such a huge stigma surrounding it that’s it's ridiculous.
So I'm here to hopefully change your opinion about it.
As someone who's been travelling in buses since she was three years old, I think I've had enough experience to speak about this.

There are three main providers of the public transportation in Kuwait – KPTC, KGL and City Bus.
Out of which City BUs has the most number of buses and routes.
These routes are literally spread out to every single place in Kuwait spanning over a large area.
Also, there are many buses available back to back to a popular place such as Maliya.
I use the public transportation to literally go any and everywhere. It's convenient, fast and cheap.
Before getting into why I'm talking about public transport; let's cover few pros and cons.


    1. It's cheap: The biggest benefit of public transportation is undoubtedly the cost. You can take a trip from one end of Kuwait to the other end, and it'd still cost you not more than 300 FILS, which is really cheap compared to the cabs and taxis whose fares seem to be increasing day by day. When you want to keep costs to a minimum, public transportation is the way to go.
    If you're a student, you can even travel for free!

   2. Convenient: There are bus routes to every single place you can think of in Kuwait. All you need to know are the routes and the bus numbers.
    3.  Eco-friendly: Using public transportation is good for the environment as you’re emitting less pollution into the air. Using public transportation can: improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and minimize impacts.
    4. You can be productive: When you’re driving, you have to focus on the road ahead of you. But if you take public transportation, you have time to finish up an assignment, read a book or revise for upcoming tests. Your mind and hands are free to do other things. I usually take a nap on the bus as I have to wake up pretty early in the morning.

    5. No worries about traffic or a parking spot: There's no need to worry about being stuck in traffic, or finding a parking spot in a crowded parking lot. Whether you are headed to work or school, the added time of finding a parking spot can be the difference between being late and making it on time.

    6. Independence: I started travelling in busses In Kuwait since I was a kid. My dad always insisted on us finding our own way and taking care of our own selves. This taught me how to be independent - IF I had to go somewhere and I didn’t have anyone to pick or drop me - that didn’t mean I couldn’t go. I didn’t have t depend on anyone else. I found my own way.

    7. Safety:  A simple benefit you may not consider with public transport is that many times it’s a lot safer than driving yourself. While there is a chance of crashing on a bus, it’s much lower than if you were in your own vehicle. It's definitely way safer to take a bus in Kuwait than a taxi. There have been many cases of rape and kidnapping in taxis but let’s be real - which idiot Is going to try something among 30 - 40 people?!

    1. Delay: The busses in Kuwait don't follow any strict schedule even though they're pretty regular. Whenever you’re relying on public transportation, there’s a chance you could miss a bus or there could be a cancellation, which might cause you to show up late to a class. This is why it’s important to have alternate options in mind in case you ever need them. Buses can delay, so plan on getting an hour early to your destination in preparation for delays.

    2. Time-Consuming: You may save money, but it’s at the expense of your time. Since buses can delay, you may need to wait around for yours, and they usually won’t get you to school as quickly as you would get there if you drove. It might take longer to wait for your bus, sit through multiple stops and still have to walk or drive home. Also, some routes might be longer and go around a lot of busy areas and the whole trip might take longer.
    3. Memorizing routes: Keeping track of the buses/trains, and the stop times can be hectic, especially when there are so many busses. Most transit maps are available for online, but the number of lines and routes intersecting can be overwhelming.

    4. Crowded: Public transportation can be crowded. I’m all for becoming acquainted with the real world, but I don’t need to have the real world’s butt inches from my face, thank you. Some busses that travel to popular areas and during specific times can get pretty crowded when you might not even get a seat and have to take the whole trip either standing or squished between people.

    5. You might have to walk:
    Busses will not pick you up at your house and drop you off exactly at your destination the way a car would. You might have to walk to and from the bus stop which sometimes might be pretty far. Even if it’s raining, you still probably have to walk home.

 Even though public transportation has its drawbacks, they aren’t too big of a deal, and the benefits far outweigh these disadvantages.
    The reason I've decided to talk about Public Transportation in Kuwait today is due to the HUGE stigma that surrounds it. Especially among the South-Asian families.
    I have met so many people that act so shocked when I tell them I travel using the busses and judge me because if that. I agree that busses back in our home countries might not be safe at all but it’s a completely different case in Kuwait - it's really the safest mode of transport in here.
    I absolutely hate travelling in taxis. I don’t use them at all except if I have someone along with me to give me company.
    How can travelling along with a strange man be safer than travelling with loads of other people?!
    I have never had to stand in a bus before -no matter how crowded. Being a woman has its perks - men offer you their seats and keep their distance even. They leave the seat beside you empty even if they have to stand.
    I still travel for free in buses due to being a student and it gets me from point A to point B safely and securely and most of the time - on time even.
I have compiled a list of all the busses and bus routes in Kuwait for you along with the route maps for you. You can download them from the Resource Library

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    Let me know in the comments below what your thoughts are on the Busses in Kuwait.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Driving License For Students in Kuwait

Driving License in Kuwait
Ahoy mates!
How are all of you fairing today?
Any storms or any disturbances yet?
For many of you, the first semester has started and you're in the flow of studies. Aren't you?
So today I've got something exciting for all of you.
Anyone living in Kuwait knows how much of a pain it is to get a Driving license. Especially for students.
And you all know I am here to help you all get rid of your problems.
So today I am going to make things easier for you guys. You are struggling enough with your college and course load, you don’t need to be worrying about your license too.
When I wanted to get my Students driving license, as usual, I did not have anyone helping me. Usually, all my friends either had Wasta (we all know nothing happens in Kuwait without wasta) or their dads did all the work. And my dad insisted on me being independent. So I  had to figure everything on my own.
And now I'm here to share the information with you.
So without further ado, lets dive right in!
The only general rule to gain a student's driving license is that you be 18 years of age and studying in a government college or a registered private university, such as – AUK, AOU, ACK, ACM, KU, GUST, BHCK.
The other conditions are all specific to each of the colleges.
Once you are admitted into one of the above universities and reach the age of 18, you have to
  1. Acquire an official document of "Whomsoever it Concerns' where it confirms your admission into the college and your other details.
This procedure or acquirement of the official document has its own set of conditions for each college; here are a few I know-
  • Kuwait University and Gulf University of Science and Technology-
These both Universities only require that you be registered at the University officially.
Kuwait University has a special office called Student's Reception in Shuwaikh, where you have to ask for the Certificate of Whomsoever it Concerns and pay a stamp fee of 1 KD,
GUST students have to visit the registration office and ask for the paper where also you have to pay the stamp fee of 1 KD.
You can receive these certificates on the same day.

  • Arab Open University -
The requirements to acquire the certificate in this university are a bit more -
  1. Complete a whole year of schooling in the college OR have 12 credits.
  2. Must have a GPA of more than 2 points
  3. Must be registered in the current semester and pay the fee in full.
  4. Must have completed basic English levels

Once all these conditions are fulfilled, you have to go to the Registration office and ask for the certificate for the license.
Then you would have to pay 3 KD for the official stamp in the Finance Dept. Once you get a receipt from the Finance department of your payment, you submit the receipt along with your civil ID copy to the Admin office once again.
You will receive the paper in around 10 working days.

  • Australian College Kuwait :
    • One semester to be completed
    • Completed Certain Modules with a certain GPA
    • Must have paid the fees
Once these conditions are completed, you have to go to the Administration office and apply for a license paper, where they’ll let you know which modules are to be completed and how much GPA will be needed. You will also need to pay a Stamp Fee of 3 KD. You will receive your Paper in 3-5 working days.

  1. Prepare your documents :
Once you receive your certificate from your college, it's time to apply for the Learner's license. For this, you will need a few documents -
  1. Your Civil ID copy
  2. Your Passport Copy – first page, last page and the residency page (Make sure that your passport clearly states that you are a student)
  3. Your sponsor's Civil ID copy (usually your father)
  4. Your sponsor's passport copy
  5. Your sponsor's salary certificate
  6. Official document from the university (see pt.1)
Make sure all these documents are renewed and up to date
  1. Your University ID Copy
  2. Two passport sized photos
  3. Application form from the website:
(you can either print it and fill it on your own or have it typed in the printing Section in the Muroor[General Traffic Department])

  1. Check and confirm your Governorate
To apply for the Learner's Driving License you have to first determine which Governorate you belong to so that you can apply to the right Muroor/General Police Department.
Your governorate depends on the Area you live in. Therefore check the list in the Resource Library here to determine your Governorate and find the map of your General Police Department

Access the Governorates of Kuwait and their Areas list in the Driving License Checklist in the Resource Library :

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  1. Submit your Documents:
Once you’ve determined your Muroor, it's time to get there along with your documents to apply for the Learner's License.
If you haven't typed out your application form, you can do it any of the Muroor's printing section for a fee of 1 KD.
Buy a stamp of 10 KD to attach to your forms from one of the Stamp Machines.
Depending on your Muroor, find out which floor you have to go to apply for your Learner's License. In Hawally Muroor and the Farwaniya Muroor, it’s the first floor. And the office to the right. It’s the office of the Officer in Charge.
Submit the documents to the officer.
He will tell you to wait for some time while he verifies, signs and stamps your papers.
This brings us to the next step -

  1. Eye Test:
After your application and documents are verified, you will be asked to perform an eye test in one of the Clinics assigned by the General Traffic Departments/Muroor.
This will help them determine whether your eyesight is right and you're fit enough to drive. You will then receive a result paper.

  1. Apply for Learner's License:
Along with the result of your Eye Test and your other documents, you might be asked to attach a recent picture with your glasses on(if you wear them) or they might take a picture of you in the Muroor itself(in Hawally) once you submit your documents in one of the counters in the ground floor. You will receive your Learner's License with an Expiry date of one year the same day along with your picture. This is your official permission to start learning how to drive.

  1. Take Coaching Classes:
Once you have received your Learner's Driving License, you can start taking coaching classes. It's important to take these classes so you're prepared for your Theoretical Test and your Practical test as the Driving Coaches take you to Places made specifically for Practicing the test Materials.
There is no set number of classes you have to take before applying for the test as long as you're confident that you're ready'
The Exact rate for driving Classes is 10 KD for a 2 hours session with a Male and 15KD with a Female for 2 hours.
Here are some of the coaching classes you can consider.

  1. Apply for the Driving Test:
Once you are confident enough in your driving, or the Driving Coach tells you that you're ready, you can apply for the driving test.
Remember to ask your coach for the Theoretical Driving Test Papers or Books and practice - Parallel Parking, Jazeera (Island), The S Drive and other things.
Once you have practiced all these, book your driving test date online.
You can apply for the test online on the Ministry of Interior's Page here :
You can also practice your Theoretical Test on their website :

  1. Give your Driving Test:
As mentioned earlier, your test location will depend on the governorate you belong to. The driving tests for Hawally and Mubarak Al Kabeer are held in Junoob Surra.
This detail will be written on the Website once your reservation is confirmed.
Make sure to arrive early on the test day i.e. around 8/9AM. You will first have to submit your Learner's License also known as Istimara, then you will be asked to give the Theoretical test.
Once you pass, you will receive the result paper of this test. IT IS IMPORTANT. DON’T FORGET TO KEEP THIS WITH YOU. Then proceed to rent one of the learner's cars waiting outside for 10 KD for the test, or you could take your own car too.
The practical test depends on each Governorate  - the easiest is in Shuwaikh whereas Hawally is fairly harder.
If you don’t pass the first time, it's ALRIGHT! TRUST ME, no one passes in the first time unless they have Wasta (which I hope you don’t)
You don’t lose hope, okay?
I failed a total of 4 TIMES! But I finally got it. It's alright to fail. It's not your fault. The rules in Kuwait are getting stricter, so they're just making sure not every Tom, Dick and Harry pass.

Once you pass, remember to send me a text. I won't mind some pizza too. :D
Anyways, if you pass, you will receive a paper stating that you have passed the test. If you went early morning, then you'll still have time to apply for your License.

  1. Apply for your License :
Once you receive the paper, proceed once again to your Muroor. Go to the 3rd floor in Hawally and submit your Theoretical Test Result paper along with the Practical Test Result paper to the secretary there.
After a while of waiting she'll hand you your file, which consists of the documents you had submitted earlier.
Check and RECHECK THEM. Make sure your College Paper hasn’t expired (it usually lasts for a semester or two months- if a long time has passed, you have to acquire a new paper), your Iqama and residency is up to date (more than 6 months of time before it expires) and everything else is recent.
Once that is done, submit your papers on the ground floor counters for verification and signing.
IF everything is alright, your papers will then be passed on to another guy sitting at the computer who will then type out your details into the system.
Once that is done, you have to submit these papers at counter 1 also known as the Officer in Charge's Office, where you will receive your Driving License!
Yes on the same day!
Your driving license will have the expiry date according to your Residency. If your residency is for 1 year, your driving License will be for a year too, and if you just recently renewed your residency you'll get it for two years!

Remember to Download the Driving License Checklist with loads of other details to be prepared.
 Available in the Resource Library:
Driving License Checklist

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So, ladies and Gentlemen, that’s it for today!
May Allah Make it easy for you all to receive your Licenses before the conditions get any harder.
Remember that it's okay to fail, even if you fail 10 times. Just remember to keep asking Allah for help, practicing and being sincere. Don’t ever use illegitimate means, they might affect you in the long run.
I am always here to help you or boost you up when needed. I am just a message/comment/email away.
Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions that you might want to ask.
All the best, and see you guys soon! 

Leave a comment down below if you have any more issues that you'd like me to cover on the blog and I'll try my best to help you out!

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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Reflections - Fall 2017

Ahoy Mates!
How are you all feeling today?
Now, that the Spring Semester is over, you've got your grades and the summer is starting; what are you guys up to? I would love to hear your summer plans.
As for me, I've got lots of plans. Though I am not taking this summer off (yes, I am going to be attending the summer semester too) there a lot of goals on my list this summer that I look forward to completing.
But before getting into my summer goals, I've decided to start something new.
It's a new blog series called - Reflections.
Basically, at the end of every semester, I'll be posting a few things I've learned that semester, a few things that I did wrong and how I plan to improve for the next semester.
This series will help me stay on track, productive and learn from my past mistakes.
I recommend you all to start working on your Reflections too. You definitely don’t have to dwell on your past but you can learn from it and become better.
So, grab my Reflections Worksheet and get to work!

The first semester I started College was the Spring Semester and not the Fall semester so I am going to post my Reflections on the Spring Semester 2017 -

Things I learnt this semester :

Arabic is not that hard : No I am not kidding, trust me. When I first found out that my whole college degree would be in Arabic, I naturally freaked out. And when I learnt that I had to do a whole foundation semester to improve my Arabic, I freaked out more. Yes, I could read and write and understand Arabic, but when I first started my classes, I was honestly shocked! They all spoke in fluent Classic Arabic. I was absolutely horrified. I couldn’t understand more than a few words since I spoke the Kuwaiti dialect and not the Classic Arabic. Also the fact that Arabic grammar constituted to 80% of the marks upset me. But thankfully I had studied a bit of Arabic grammar in my childhood so that kind of helped me out. I even moved classes (from level 2 to level 1 ) just on the second day of college.
But later on, I regretted it. Level 1 was too easy. I missed level 2 even though I had only been there for two days. Then I changed back again! And I don’t regret a minute of it. I realised that it only seemed hard in the first week. I just had to work a bit harder and focus more. Even though I joined in the second semester and missed most of what was taught, I could easily catch up. I started going on daily walks with a few of my classmates and our professor where we would only speak Arabic and I started improving so much! The daily talks really helped me. And I realised that all the complexity was just in my head. Arabic wasn’t that hard. Yes, I'm not perfect but I've definitely improved and have now developed a new love for this beautiful language.

Making friends is crucial: In the beginning of the semester, I was this very awkward, shy and fully covered up person. Everyone already knew everyone since they had been together for a whole semester already. I was the new kid. Even though I'm a very social person, I just couldn’t seem to make any friends. what's worse, all of them lived in the dormitory, were from different countries and spoke fluent Arabic. After a few weeks of this, I decided that I would give up trying to make new friends. we had literally nothing in common. I loved Kuwait while they all spoke badly about it. And so I thought I was better off without any friends. Oh, how wrong I was!
My classmates all planned a get together in Souq Mubarakiya with the professor and I was contemplating not going, but thank God I decided to go! I sat with new people, made new friends and got to know them all. In addition to this, the early morning pre-class walks helped a lot too. I made friends with people who weren't on my level and it was an amazing feeling. I had someone with whom I could share similar interests and talk about homework. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have been able to pass out with my sanity intact if it weren't for my classmates!

Studying every day is very important : I did this in the beginning of the semester but started to slack off towards the end. And that really cost me my marks. It's really important to come back home Abd study and revise your notes. I had even stopped submitting my homework's towards the end of the semester due to laziness. But next sem I plan to get rid of this habit.

You don’t have to be speaking all the time. Sometimes, silence is golden and better: this was one of the biggest lessons I learnt this semester. Sometimes people say things that you may not agree with or that you don’t like. That does not mean that you have to go running your mouth off. Sometimes it's better to keep quiet. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And keeping quiet will prevent so many problems.

Grateful for :
Professor : I am especially grateful for my professor this semester. He had been helping me right from the beginning even before the classes started and helped me throughout the semester. He even helped me choose and register for classes in the next semester. He was really friendly, funny and supportive. Though his methods were strict, they really helped me improve.

Classmates : There were these three girls from Turkey whom I am the most grateful for. They became my friends on the first day when I was this scared little freshman who had no idea about anything. They were so supportive and encouraging and took me under their wing.

My Friend: She was this one friend of mine who knew Arabic. She helped me throughout the semester in chatting, in my homework's, and even attended one of my classes with me where she helped me with the class discussion. It was a blessing having someone like her. Seriously guys get yourselves and Arab or an Arabic speaking friend!

Three things I want to improve in the next semester :
  • Study everyday
  • Put more time into the blog
  • Use extra sources and put in extra work

Overall feel of this semester on the  :
Personal Level - 9 : I grew so much personally and learned loads of things this semester
Academic Level- 8 : My grades were stuck in the 82-83% range but considering the fact that it was completely in a different language, I am happy, kind of.
Social Level -10 : I made so many new friends and built a very good bond with without losing contact with my old friends.
Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start reflecting on your semester and life too.
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