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Driving License For Students in Kuwait

Driving License in Kuwait
Ahoy mates!
How are all of you fairing today?
Any storms or any disturbances yet?
For many of you, the first semester has started and you're in the flow of studies. Aren't you?
So today I've got something exciting for all of you.
Anyone living in Kuwait knows how much of a pain it is to get a Driving license. Especially for students.
And you all know I am here to help you all get rid of your problems.
So today I am going to make things easier for you guys. You are struggling enough with your college and course load, you don’t need to be worrying about your license too.
When I wanted to get my Students driving license, as usual, I did not have anyone helping me. Usually, all my friends either had Wasta (we all know nothing happens in Kuwait without wasta) or their dads did all the work. And my dad insisted on me being independent. So I  had to figure everything on my own.
And now I'm here to share the information with you.
So without further ado, lets dive right in!
The only general rule to gain a student's driving license is that you be 18 years of age and studying in a government college or a registered private university, such as – AUK, AOU, ACK, ACM, KU, GUST, BHCK.
The other conditions are all specific to each of the colleges.
Once you are admitted into one of the above universities and reach the age of 18, you have to
  1. Acquire an official document of "Whomsoever it Concerns' where it confirms your admission into the college and your other details.
This procedure or acquirement of the official document has its own set of conditions for each college; here are a few I know-
  • Kuwait University and Gulf University of Science and Technology-
These both Universities only require that you be registered at the University officially.
Kuwait University has a special office called Student's Reception in Shuwaikh, where you have to ask for the Certificate of Whomsoever it Concerns and pay a stamp fee of 1 KD,
GUST students have to visit the registration office and ask for the paper where also you have to pay the stamp fee of 1 KD.
You can receive these certificates on the same day.

  • Arab Open University -
The requirements to acquire the certificate in this university are a bit more -
  1. Complete a whole year of schooling in the college OR have 12 credits.
  2. Must have a GPA of more than 2 points
  3. Must be registered in the current semester and pay the fee in full.
  4. Must have completed basic English levels

Once all these conditions are fulfilled, you have to go to the Registration office and ask for the certificate for the license.
Then you would have to pay 3 KD for the official stamp in the Finance Dept. Once you get a receipt from the Finance department of your payment, you submit the receipt along with your civil ID copy to the Admin office once again.
You will receive the paper in around 10 working days.

  • Australian College Kuwait :
    • One semester to be completed
    • Completed Certain Modules with a certain GPA
    • Must have paid the fees
Once these conditions are completed, you have to go to the Administration office and apply for a license paper, where they’ll let you know which modules are to be completed and how much GPA will be needed. You will also need to pay a Stamp Fee of 3 KD. You will receive your Paper in 3-5 working days.

  1. Prepare your documents :
Once you receive your certificate from your college, it's time to apply for the Learner's license. For this, you will need a few documents -
  1. Your Civil ID copy
  2. Your Passport Copy – first page, last page and the residency page (Make sure that your passport clearly states that you are a student)
  3. Your sponsor's Civil ID copy (usually your father)
  4. Your sponsor's passport copy
  5. Your sponsor's salary certificate
  6. Official document from the university (see pt.1)
Make sure all these documents are renewed and up to date
  1. Your University ID Copy
  2. Two passport sized photos
  3. Application form from the website:
(you can either print it and fill it on your own or have it typed in the printing Section in the Muroor[General Traffic Department])

  1. Check and confirm your Governorate
To apply for the Learner's Driving License you have to first determine which Governorate you belong to so that you can apply to the right Muroor/General Police Department.
Your governorate depends on the Area you live in. Therefore check the list in the Resource Library here to determine your Governorate and find the map of your General Police Department

Access the Governorates of Kuwait and their Areas list in the Driving License Checklist in the Resource Library :

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  1. Submit your Documents:
Once you’ve determined your Muroor, it's time to get there along with your documents to apply for the Learner's License.
If you haven't typed out your application form, you can do it any of the Muroor's printing section for a fee of 1 KD.
Buy a stamp of 10 KD to attach to your forms from one of the Stamp Machines.
Depending on your Muroor, find out which floor you have to go to apply for your Learner's License. In Hawally Muroor and the Farwaniya Muroor, it’s the first floor. And the office to the right. It’s the office of the Officer in Charge.
Submit the documents to the officer.
He will tell you to wait for some time while he verifies, signs and stamps your papers.
This brings us to the next step -

  1. Eye Test:
After your application and documents are verified, you will be asked to perform an eye test in one of the Clinics assigned by the General Traffic Departments/Muroor.
This will help them determine whether your eyesight is right and you're fit enough to drive. You will then receive a result paper.

  1. Apply for Learner's License:
Along with the result of your Eye Test and your other documents, you might be asked to attach a recent picture with your glasses on(if you wear them) or they might take a picture of you in the Muroor itself(in Hawally) once you submit your documents in one of the counters in the ground floor. You will receive your Learner's License with an Expiry date of one year the same day along with your picture. This is your official permission to start learning how to drive.

  1. Take Coaching Classes:
Once you have received your Learner's Driving License, you can start taking coaching classes. It's important to take these classes so you're prepared for your Theoretical Test and your Practical test as the Driving Coaches take you to Places made specifically for Practicing the test Materials.
There is no set number of classes you have to take before applying for the test as long as you're confident that you're ready'
The Exact rate for driving Classes is 10 KD for a 2 hours session with a Male and 15KD with a Female for 2 hours.
Here are some of the coaching classes you can consider.

  1. Apply for the Driving Test:
Once you are confident enough in your driving, or the Driving Coach tells you that you're ready, you can apply for the driving test.
Remember to ask your coach for the Theoretical Driving Test Papers or Books and practice - Parallel Parking, Jazeera (Island), The S Drive and other things.
Once you have practiced all these, book your driving test date online.
You can apply for the test online on the Ministry of Interior's Page here :
You can also practice your Theoretical Test on their website :

  1. Give your Driving Test:
As mentioned earlier, your test location will depend on the governorate you belong to. The driving tests for Hawally and Mubarak Al Kabeer are held in Junoob Surra.
This detail will be written on the Website once your reservation is confirmed.
Make sure to arrive early on the test day i.e. around 8/9AM. You will first have to submit your Learner's License also known as Istimara, then you will be asked to give the Theoretical test.
Once you pass, you will receive the result paper of this test. IT IS IMPORTANT. DON’T FORGET TO KEEP THIS WITH YOU. Then proceed to rent one of the learner's cars waiting outside for 10 KD for the test, or you could take your own car too.
The practical test depends on each Governorate  - the easiest is in Shuwaikh whereas Hawally is fairly harder.
If you don’t pass the first time, it's ALRIGHT! TRUST ME, no one passes in the first time unless they have Wasta (which I hope you don’t)
You don’t lose hope, okay?
I failed a total of 4 TIMES! But I finally got it. It's alright to fail. It's not your fault. The rules in Kuwait are getting stricter, so they're just making sure not every Tom, Dick and Harry pass.

Once you pass, remember to send me a text. I won't mind some pizza too. :D
Anyways, if you pass, you will receive a paper stating that you have passed the test. If you went early morning, then you'll still have time to apply for your License.

  1. Apply for your License :
Once you receive the paper, proceed once again to your Muroor. Go to the 3rd floor in Hawally and submit your Theoretical Test Result paper along with the Practical Test Result paper to the secretary there.
After a while of waiting she'll hand you your file, which consists of the documents you had submitted earlier.
Check and RECHECK THEM. Make sure your College Paper hasn’t expired (it usually lasts for a semester or two months- if a long time has passed, you have to acquire a new paper), your Iqama and residency is up to date (more than 6 months of time before it expires) and everything else is recent.
Once that is done, submit your papers on the ground floor counters for verification and signing.
IF everything is alright, your papers will then be passed on to another guy sitting at the computer who will then type out your details into the system.
Once that is done, you have to submit these papers at counter 1 also known as the Officer in Charge's Office, where you will receive your Driving License!
Yes on the same day!
Your driving license will have the expiry date according to your Residency. If your residency is for 1 year, your driving License will be for a year too, and if you just recently renewed your residency you'll get it for two years!

Remember to Download the Driving License Checklist with loads of other details to be prepared.
 Available in the Resource Library:
Driving License Checklist

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So, ladies and Gentlemen, that’s it for today!
May Allah Make it easy for you all to receive your Licenses before the conditions get any harder.
Remember that it's okay to fail, even if you fail 10 times. Just remember to keep asking Allah for help, practicing and being sincere. Don’t ever use illegitimate means, they might affect you in the long run.
I am always here to help you or boost you up when needed. I am just a message/comment/email away.
Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions that you might want to ask.
All the best, and see you guys soon! 

Leave a comment down below if you have any more issues that you'd like me to cover on the blog and I'll try my best to help you out!

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  2. I like how you simplified the procedure for the students. Getting a license in kuwait can be complicated and REALLY complicated especially when you don’t have the right information!
    Really appreciate your work babe.❤️

    1. Tell me about it. I now how complicated it can be so I figured I'd help the others out.
      Jazak Allah Khair babes, it really means a lot :)

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    Jazakallahul khair.
    May Allah bless you for this service you are providing Haleema.❤️