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Public Transport - Pros and Cons

Ahoy Mates!
How are you all?
In relation to the previous post, this time I'm going to talk about public transportation.
Here in Kuwait, public transportation isn't really a stranger to anyone.
But there's such a huge stigma surrounding it that’s it's ridiculous.
So I'm here to hopefully change your opinion about it.
As someone who's been travelling in buses since she was three years old, I think I've had enough experience to speak about this.

There are three main providers of the public transportation in Kuwait – KPTC, KGL and City Bus.
Out of which City BUs has the most number of buses and routes.
These routes are literally spread out to every single place in Kuwait spanning over a large area.
Also, there are many buses available back to back to a popular place such as Maliya.
I use the public transportation to literally go any and everywhere. It's convenient, fast and cheap.
Before getting into why I'm talking about public transport; let's cover few pros and cons.


    1. It's cheap: The biggest benefit of public transportation is undoubtedly the cost. You can take a trip from one end of Kuwait to the other end, and it'd still cost you not more than 300 FILS, which is really cheap compared to the cabs and taxis whose fares seem to be increasing day by day. When you want to keep costs to a minimum, public transportation is the way to go.
    If you're a student, you can even travel for free!

   2. Convenient: There are bus routes to every single place you can think of in Kuwait. All you need to know are the routes and the bus numbers.
    3.  Eco-friendly: Using public transportation is good for the environment as you’re emitting less pollution into the air. Using public transportation can: improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save energy and minimize impacts.
    4. You can be productive: When you’re driving, you have to focus on the road ahead of you. But if you take public transportation, you have time to finish up an assignment, read a book or revise for upcoming tests. Your mind and hands are free to do other things. I usually take a nap on the bus as I have to wake up pretty early in the morning.

    5. No worries about traffic or a parking spot: There's no need to worry about being stuck in traffic, or finding a parking spot in a crowded parking lot. Whether you are headed to work or school, the added time of finding a parking spot can be the difference between being late and making it on time.

    6. Independence: I started travelling in busses In Kuwait since I was a kid. My dad always insisted on us finding our own way and taking care of our own selves. This taught me how to be independent - IF I had to go somewhere and I didn’t have anyone to pick or drop me - that didn’t mean I couldn’t go. I didn’t have t depend on anyone else. I found my own way.

    7. Safety:  A simple benefit you may not consider with public transport is that many times it’s a lot safer than driving yourself. While there is a chance of crashing on a bus, it’s much lower than if you were in your own vehicle. It's definitely way safer to take a bus in Kuwait than a taxi. There have been many cases of rape and kidnapping in taxis but let’s be real - which idiot Is going to try something among 30 - 40 people?!

    1. Delay: The busses in Kuwait don't follow any strict schedule even though they're pretty regular. Whenever you’re relying on public transportation, there’s a chance you could miss a bus or there could be a cancellation, which might cause you to show up late to a class. This is why it’s important to have alternate options in mind in case you ever need them. Buses can delay, so plan on getting an hour early to your destination in preparation for delays.

    2. Time-Consuming: You may save money, but it’s at the expense of your time. Since buses can delay, you may need to wait around for yours, and they usually won’t get you to school as quickly as you would get there if you drove. It might take longer to wait for your bus, sit through multiple stops and still have to walk or drive home. Also, some routes might be longer and go around a lot of busy areas and the whole trip might take longer.
    3. Memorizing routes: Keeping track of the buses/trains, and the stop times can be hectic, especially when there are so many busses. Most transit maps are available for online, but the number of lines and routes intersecting can be overwhelming.

    4. Crowded: Public transportation can be crowded. I’m all for becoming acquainted with the real world, but I don’t need to have the real world’s butt inches from my face, thank you. Some busses that travel to popular areas and during specific times can get pretty crowded when you might not even get a seat and have to take the whole trip either standing or squished between people.

    5. You might have to walk:
    Busses will not pick you up at your house and drop you off exactly at your destination the way a car would. You might have to walk to and from the bus stop which sometimes might be pretty far. Even if it’s raining, you still probably have to walk home.

 Even though public transportation has its drawbacks, they aren’t too big of a deal, and the benefits far outweigh these disadvantages.
    The reason I've decided to talk about Public Transportation in Kuwait today is due to the HUGE stigma that surrounds it. Especially among the South-Asian families.
    I have met so many people that act so shocked when I tell them I travel using the busses and judge me because if that. I agree that busses back in our home countries might not be safe at all but it’s a completely different case in Kuwait - it's really the safest mode of transport in here.
    I absolutely hate travelling in taxis. I don’t use them at all except if I have someone along with me to give me company.
    How can travelling along with a strange man be safer than travelling with loads of other people?!
    I have never had to stand in a bus before -no matter how crowded. Being a woman has its perks - men offer you their seats and keep their distance even. They leave the seat beside you empty even if they have to stand.
    I still travel for free in buses due to being a student and it gets me from point A to point B safely and securely and most of the time - on time even.
I have compiled a list of all the busses and bus routes in Kuwait for you along with the route maps for you. You can download them from the Resource Library

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  1. Okay wow.I really should get acquainted with buses.I've always put off or cancelled things because I don't have transport.The thing is it can be quite awkward when you're alone.I've traveled only a few times in Kuwait buses and I felt like all eyes were on me during the ride.