Sunday, February 25, 2018

Why do we Love Kuwait? - #HalaFeb 2018

Why do we love Kuwait? An appreciation post for all that Kuwait has done for us for the occasion of National and Liberation day of Kuwait. #Halafeb

Ahoy Mates!
Hope you are having a great day.
The weather in Kuwait has been great for the past few days - have you been going out?

As we all know today and tomorrow Kuwait will be celebrating its National and Liberation day.
Kuwait hosts a lot of expats from different countries.
 It’s a second home for most and very dear to everyone's hearts.

On this occasion, I believe it's important for us to remember our blessings and all the good things that Kuwait has done for us and appreciate it for that.
We keep complaining about how strict the rules have become and how much harder life is getting in Kuwait but we forget the good things.
So let's take this chance to remember all the good things we have.

Here is a list of why people love Kuwait and what they appreciate most about it -

I love Kuwait for the food - Bushra @gulsartistry

Kuwait's motorway system and its first class road techniques - Muhtasim @keepitreal.png

I love Kuwait. I consider it my first home and then Pakistan my second home even though I am a Pakistani. Kuwait has given me my friends which I'm blessed for ad Hala Feb is my favourite holiday. Blessed to be born and brought up in Kuwait - Fathma @fathma_96

The good technology.
The fact that it’s a small country and everything is within reach and the fact that it’s a Muslim country  - Hishma @hishma_r

I love Kuwait because it’s my birthplace. I love its food, it’s beaches, entertainment city and during Ramadan. I love it because of my friends. There are so many Islamic classes and lectures held here. It’s my home, my country. Even though I don’t have its nationality I still love this country. - Nada

Here’s a list of why I love Kuwait -
1.        Falafel sandwich
2.        Kebabs in Mubarakiyah
3.        Old Souq
4.        Agencies when there’s a sale
5.        Marina waves
6.        The farmhouses and chalets
7.        Freedom and safety for Muslims to practice their religion
As long as Kuwait has falafel, no one will die out of hunger in here - Tamanna

I love everything about Kuwait. Ots a peaceful country as compared to others. No hassle. They respect women. And even the economy is reasonable better than other middle east countries. - Yussra Asif Yash

I love Kuwait because it is the place where I spent my whole life from childhood. It is a very peaceful place. - Rida Amna

I love the nature and the weather of Kuwait and how clean they keep it- Farheen

I love how safe Kuwait is. It might not be the safest place on earth but it’s safe enough that I can get out of my house without any fear- Maysoon

The Barkah/blessing in the Kuwaiti Dinar cant be felt in any other currency of the world due to the lack of corruption in Kuwait - Bilal

I love the food in Kuwait and the fact that they have water coolers everywhere (ماء السبيل) on the streets - Sumaiya @sem_jfk

I love the roads of Kuwait - Sidra

Kuwait has blessed me with caring friends - Lana @soaprise

I love Kuwait for the beautiful universities and colleges it has - Mohammed

Everywhere you go in Kuwait you get to see amazing and classy cars and I am huge fan of cars - Fredrick

I love Kuwait for the freedom it provides and that I can visit a lot of places easily - Ahmed

For me, Kuwait is my home. I might be an expat here and I might not have been born here but for as long as I can remember this has been my home. we've also been living in the same area for around 20 years. Kuwait has provided so many opportunities for me. One of the things I will always be grateful for is the scholarship I was offered at Kuwait University. I do not know of any other Arab country that offers a complete scholarship like Kuwait does. I love how freely I can travel any and everywhere and almost at any time because of how safe I feel. I love how much freedom I have to do my own thing - to practice my own religion without any restrictions. My own country doesn’t provide me as much freedom as Kuwait does. I love the respect women are given here. I found my best friends here. I love how Kuwait does not get involved in any political disputes. I love the peace this country provides. There's not one thing I do not love about this country.
May keep this country blessed and maintain its peace.

Disclaimer - all these views are not mine except when mentioned. Each person is responsible for their own opinions.

So that's it for today, guys!
Long live Kuwait and May Allah bless this country and maintain its peace.

What is something YOU love about Kuwait?
Let me know in the comments below! 

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