Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Guest Post 1 - Devices for College Students

Ahoy Mates!
How are you all doing this fine day?
I have some exciting news for y'all!
I have decided to take on board a few more members on this ship with us - which means GUEST BLOGGING!
Yes, you heard that right.
I am planning to start a new Series on the blog - Guest Blogging.
Every month Ahoy College will feature a new blogger who will share with us some of their tips, tricks and experiences.
I am a firm believer in learning from others so my aim in starting this series is for us to learn from everyone and everything.
To start off this series I present to you the first post -
Top Devices for College Students by Hanan Thakur!
Without further ado, here's what Hanan has to say:

Lately, things have changed. When earlier in high school and college, all that was really needed was a school bag, calculator, notebook, pen, and sometimes a ruler and of course a mobile phone for nothing but to play some games and answer mom's calls.
Nowadays, it’s a whole new level when it comes to school days. We Students don’t need such odd things that  have been used for years, we need something better than that. Earlier  If the students would have an option to get high-end devices to help simplify  studying, then they  would do the same as well!
Well, in a market full of devices, mobile phones, tablet, PCs and more, how to know which device could really help a College student?!
After digging deep inside this issue, here are a list of device recommendations that could help save your time as a student.

  1. Tablet
Tablets are very useful and essential as they are very handy , with its big screen and lots of possibilities. They seem like the perfect choice to help browse the web for reading books, listening to lectures and going through student material and researches that will absolutely help us in different ways efficiently. And the cheapest tablet that we can get with good quality are: Apple Mini iPad , the Kindle. Also Amazon Fire HD 8 and Amazon Fire 7 are on the top list.

When its related to college or high school , we need something to type all those term papers on. A basic laptop doesn’t have to be really heavy or expensive. You can go for cheap one with a good features  like: Acer Aspire M5-481PT, or Samsung Chromebook, .  These devices are helpful for creating and editing documents, presentations and working on projects.

Many professors and teachers still prefer a hard copy. That’s why it is essential to have a printer to make it easy to print assignments or designs and I personally prefer notes when it comes to learning for exams. And there are many choices for good printers so I use the HP Deskjet 3630. Small, affordable and smartly designed.

4. Portable Phone Charger
No matter how good the battery life is, we always run out of charge in our Phones/Tablets/Laptops in our long and hectic school or college days, so consider buying a portable phone charger or phone case with built-in charger. It will help!  Thank me later :p

5. Headphones
Wearing headphones is the official sign for DO NOT DISTURB .  You can opt for the noise cancelling headphones. It’s really effective to help to study in noisy or crowded places.

Can you imagine living without the internet? No right?!! We don’t always have access to the  internet  in cafes or libraries, so portable mini routers solve this problem, we can use 
our own Wi-Fi, the small portable network connection easily and of course it’s easy to carry.

7. Extra Hard Drive
It’s not essential, but just in case the hard drive of your laptop fails, all the research, papers and notes will be gone. So, it would be better to have an extra hard drive and backup the laptop from time to time.

8. USB
Well, this is essential! No one today can deal without a USB flash drive, it helps in transferring files without a need for a network connection. When it comes to us students, it’s helps in transferring files no matter what’s the size is because there are many choices for the storage.

9- Pocket Projector
Well this is more university oriented so students like me might need it in their presentations, it can easily hook up to mobile phone or laptops and present what they want on a larger screen.
So the above listed devices may not be essential for every student. It depends on your study and your major. But I can be very sure these devices make our work for college/ uni life much more faster and easier than the usual.
I hope this helps all the college students like me .

This Post was written by Hanan Ali Thakur.
Hanan was born and brought up in Kuwait and is currently studying 
Bachelors of Commerce in Kuwait.
She loves travelling and considers herself a complete foodie.
She runs a lifestyle blog on Instagram which is all about food recommendations,
 places to visit, outfit ideas and other social issues people deal with.
You can connect with her on her social media :
Or email her to have a conversation about any and everything -


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